Guidelines for Family Meetings

1. Establish rules for your meetings, i.e. everyone gets a turn to speak without being interrupted, no video games, music, cell phones, or TV during meeting time, and respectful behavior from everyone  is expected (this includes no name calling or put downs).

2.  Have your meetings the same time every week.

3. Allow everyone a chance to talk at each meeting. Go around the table if necessary and ask each member for input. This encourages children to become part of the team.

4. Once your meetings become established, allow your children to take turns as moderator each week. This will build confidence and will promote a feeling of importance and belonging in the family.

5. Take notes from each meeting (older children can take turns with this). These notes can be reviewed and discussed at the next meeting.

6. Include fun activities, such as sharing a short story, playing a game, telling jokes, or singing a song, in every meeting!